The JSR METAL LLP demands unmatched quality and superb client benefits at most competitive price. Plant at JSR METAL LLP has been introduced with most recent and ultra current manual, self-loader and completely programmed fabricating types of gear to deliver accuracy parts entirely according to global standard guidelines.

Quality Control team at JSR METAL LLP ceaselessly screens the items and clients necessity appropriate from choice of raw material up to the last dispatch of finished goods. Broad experience of JSR METAL LLP enables it to offer specialized help administrations, from Plan guidance to Testing and Charging of the Item. Because of strict quality control methods its clients are kept guaranteed that their necessities are met precisely and reliably.

Testing Facilities – To guarantee the elite, great completing, and exact measurement of the considerable number of items, JSR METAL LLP conducts different test in view of various parameters with the assistance of these instruments:

  • Spectro Meter
  • Micro Meters
  • Digital Vernier and Calipers
  • Thread Pitch Micro Meters
  • Ring and Plug Gauges
  • Go/No – Go Gauges for accurate thread dimensions
  • Magnifying Projectors for precise dimensional checking
  • NDT testing chemicals for cracks and dent detection

Towards meeting its Quality Policy, JSR METAL LLP is using the vehicle of Quality Management Systems.

Corporate Quality and Unit level Quality structure enables requisite planning, control and implementation of company-wide Quality Policy and Objectives which are linked to the company’s Vision statement.

Other than traditional Quality functions, today the focus is on:.

  • Propagating Quality Management Systems and Total Quality Management
  • Formulating, implementing and monitoring, “Improvement Plans” with focus on internal and external Customer Satisfaction
  • Investigations and preventive actions on critical quality issues


Quality Policy:

JSR Metal LLp’s Prime Focus is the satisfaction of its Customers & creating values for its customers, for Company & for Society.

  • JSR Metal LLP is committed to manufacture & deliver consistently, quality engineering brass components and services to its customers.
  • JSR Metal LLP is committed to pursue Excellency through continuous improvement in all areas of business processes and to distinguish itself by the quality, delivery & cost efficiency of its products & services, with the total Involvement of its employees.
  • JSR Metal LLP thrives to understand and fulfill, with quick response the changing needs of the customer time to time.
  • JSR Metal LLP is committed to adopt & Implement Latest World Standards, Techniques & systems for ensuring Total Quality Control.


Training Policy:

  • JSR Metal LLP believes Employees are the biggest assets of any organization & believes to enhance its value by training its HR for continual improvement in product quality.
  • Periodic training is also provided to all employees to make things Easier, Faster & cost effective.
  • In house as well as training from professional bodies are organized.


Health and Safety Policy:

Health & Safety of all the employees is one of the topmost importances at JSR Metal LLP. It aims to control or reduce the workplace hazards & associated risk of illness or injuries to the Employees, Customers & all those who might be affected by its business activities.

With regard to Health & Safety, JSR Metal LLP aims to achieve the following Objectives:

  • Recognize & comply with the requirements of all relevant Legal, Statutory & other Provisions and to provide a safe working environment, safe work equipment and safe process of work to all employees,
  • To provide appropriate financial and physical resources necessary to achieve its employee’s aims.

Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all Employees to identify, minimize and manage hazards and to contribute positively to all segments at work & home.