About Us

The company, JSR METAL LLP, specializes in the production of Brass Electrical Parts, Brass Transformer Parts, Brass Neutral Link, Brass Fasteners & Inserts, Brass Rain Drain Accessories, & Other Brass Precision Components as per design or sample.

JSR METAL LLP takes the present corporate form in 2017 from the transformation of a previous company born in 1990 (formerly known as D & G Metal Inc.). It is founded in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India – the economic capital of the Brass Industry, where it grows by increasing volume and production varieties. During the early years, it focused its business on the production of Brass Fittings, expanding its range of articles with more Complex Fittings and Components and for a variety of destinations. Constant growth has enabled the company to become an increasingly demanding and selective world market by unifying the standards required by the creation of a technical office and a quality department equipped with sophisticated control systems.

At present, the company’s property covers an area of 9200 square feet’s and is comprised of a processing department with a production capacity of around 75 MT per month, a quality control department and a warehousing and shipping department. The Connections and Components of JSR METAL LLP are mainly directed to foreign markets including Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, England, Holland, Spain; without excluding the national market, always rich in interesting realities.The company is able to guarantee excellent value for money by optimizing business management and by looking for external partners located in the neighboring areas, which can reduce time disputes and transport costs.

The experience gained during these years in the production of fittings has driven JSR METAL LLP to direct its resources towards full customer satisfaction by offering them a complete service ranging from drawing design to finished component, through the production of resin prototypes, when necessary, allowing test execution.

The JSR METAL LLP facility also allows you to manage large-volume scheduled orders with extended delivery over long periods, custom markup production and the sale of assemblies already assembled, made up of internally manufactured components, tested and packaged with logos and bar-codes.